DUI/DWI Crimes

A Driving Under the Influence Conviction can subject you to serious and long-lasting consequences for the person accused. These include:

  • Incarceration
  • Driver’s License Suspension/Revocation
  • Fines
  • Installation of Ignition Interlock on your Car
  • Mandatory Counseling
  • Skyrocketing Car Insurance Premiums

Further, The Department of Motor Vehicles will automatically suspend your license in 10 days of your arrest if you blow over .08 or refuse the breath test, unless you apply for a hearing. You MUST apply for the hearing within 10 days of your arrest or your license will be suspended.

It is important to obtain legal advice quickly if you have been arrested for DUI. Come in to our office for a free case evaluation. Mr. Sandburg is well versed in the law and procedures regarding all aspects of a DUI case. He will use his expertise and strong work ethic to keep you out of jail and keep your license.


Matt Sandburg's DUI Resume

  • Board Certified Criminal Trial Attorney
  • National College of DUI Defense Member
  • Prosecuted over 100 DUI cases
  • Litigated numerous DUI Trials to Jury
  • Litigated multiple Trials of DUI Manslaughter to Jury
  • Litigated DUI Trials involving Expert Testimony on Breath, Blood and Urine Results
  • Former division leader in Intoxilyzer and Source Code litigation
  • Completed Blood, Breath, and Tears DUI Seminar in 2011
  • Completed both Standard and Advanced DUI Seminars in 2005, 2006

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